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Lines of Business

Overview of Operations

Corrugated Cardboard and Chemical Products In these two areas of operation, we package

Since the company's inception, Chuoh Pack Industry has been engaged in the corrugated-cardboard business, striving to achieve technical innovation and enhance services.
In 2008, to meet new packaging needs, we launched operations for chemical products (Capsheet*) as a second core product.

In addition, for the purpose of developing products and businesses that can appeal to general consumers,
we started "design business"

  • ・ Design business contents (Please check from "PDF" below)

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    Overview of Operations

    In these two areas of business, we bring you high-quality products and services that meet customer needs.
    What's more, out of concern for the environment, we are creating business processes that give consideration to recyclability from the manufacturing stage, and are also contributing to society as a sustainable enterprise.

    *Capsheet is a registered trademark for bubble wrap
    from Chuoh Pack Industry.
    • Corrugated-cardboard Operations
    • Chemical-product Operations