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Message from the President

We at Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. are working as a united whole to remain a company that you need, underlying our management concept of helping to bring about a livable Earth and society of abundance by providing high-value-added packing materials that take the environment into account.

Last year, we established our medium- and long-term business three-year policy for fiscal 2016 through fiscal 2018, with these three core matters as important action items: 1) making our existing domestic business operations far and away the best, 2) rolling out overseas business, and 3) setting up new business. Taking "Aiming to become 'far and away the best' with our customers" as our slogan, we have launched efforts to keep us close together and exceed your expectations.

The month of May this year represents a major milestone: the 60th anniversary of our establishment. From this position, we intend to go back to the basics again and review our footing, then boldly tackle the challenges of new matters, including the design business operations that we have been publicizing for the past several years, chiefly at Messe Nagoya, as well as reinforcing our overseas business operations.

Through these endeavors, we are advancing, step by step, to become a company that is truly people-friendly, community-friendly, and Earth-friendly-a company that you love even more.

To our shareholders, customers, partner companies, and everyone else we have been involved with who has given us the support and guidance we have been fortunate enough to receive over these many years, we intend to keep meeting your expectations and trust, and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Masashi Yamashita, CEO

Masashiro Yamashita, CEO