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Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd.

What supports us? It's "friendliness."

Going Beyond "Satisfaction"

When proposing packaging specifications, we always assume the customer's viewpoint and consider the entire process from a problem-solving perspective. We provide satisfaction with advanced technology and latest equipment and our comprehensive intracompany systems.

Our Strengths
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Creating a Network to
Share Needs Abroad

We are making further inroads into Asia—now gaining attention as an enormous market—with integrated manufacturing of our MC Pack and other products in a system that covers all processes from design and development to production, achieving seamless local production and supply while maintaining Japan quality.

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Chuoh Pack Industry's technological capabilities have been recognized throughout the world in the packaging industry's biggest contests, with the company winning a total of 52 awards in the Japan Packaging Contest and 36 awards in the Worldstar Competition.

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Electronic Disclosure Notices

○ Statutory Notices

Statutory notices from Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. may be viewed through the electronic disclosure service operated by Pronexus Inc.

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○ Public Announcement of Financial Statements

In accordance with provisions of the Companies Act Article 440 (4) rescinding the obligation to provide financial notices for the companies offered by securities companies, Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. no longer posts these notices.However, our securities reports can be viewed using the Electronic Disclosure System operated by the Financial Services Agency.

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