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Management Philosophy

Helping to bring about a livable Earth and a prosperous society.

Management Philosophy
To help bring about a livable Earth and society of abundance by providing high-value-added packing materials that take the environment into account.
Management Mission
To enhance the prosperity of our shareholders and business partners and the stability of our employees' welfare through growing productivity.
Management Policies
  • (1)Strengthen product-development capability to achieve a innovation in packaging processes.
  • (2)Achieve a high- Performance structure by concentrating the strengths as our team.
  • (3)Foster the mind of flexible thinking ,leadership,and challenge.
  • (4)Create a quality work-life through the communication both in and out.
  • (5)Further evolve a corporate culture committed to safety, the environment, and quality.
「Positive! Active! Self-imposed!」

Electronic Disclosure Notices

○ Statutory Notices

Statutory notices from Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. may be viewed through the electronic disclosure service operated by Pronexus Inc.

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○ Public Announcement of Financial Statements

In accordance with provisions of the Companies Act Article 440 (4) rescinding the obligation to provide financial notices for the companies offered by securities companies, Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. no longer posts these notices.However, our securities reports can be viewed using the Electronic Disclosure System operated by the Financial Services Agency.

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