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People-friendly, Community-friendly, and Earth-friendly.

People-friendly, Community-friendly, and Earth-friendly.

I would like to express our sincere thanks for your patronage.
 Now in our 63nd year since the company’s founding, we are united in our effort to remain a valued and necessary company as a manufacturer of packaging materials for automotive parts, electric machinery, foods, and other products. We are proud to offer environmentally-friendly, high-value-added packaging materials and contributing to the creation of an abundant society.

 While facing advances in technological innovation, changing customer needs, and ever greater product diversification, we have implemented a once-in-a-century process of reform to improve our overall product development process, enhance our proposal-based sales capabilities, and further our unmatched strengths in diversified, small-lot production, all to provide products that please our customers.
 This year, we have drawn up a new vision for 2025, and we continue to take on the challenge of opening markets both in Japan and overseas, developing new materials, technologies, and businesses as we work to ensure sustainable growth for the entire group.

 We are now advancing, step by step, in becoming a company that is truly “people-friendly,” “community-friendly,” and “Earth-friendly”-a company that all will come to value even more. At this point, let me express our heartfelt thanks to our stakeholders, customers, partner companies, and others who have supported and sustained us over these many years. We sincerely hope for your continued encouragement and guidance in the future.

President Masashi Yamashita

Masashi Yamashita


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