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Helping to create a prosperous society with our products.

Basic CSR Philosophy

  • 1.Create a safe and healthy working environment
  • 2.Maintain quality that meets the customer's needs
  • 3.Continue to engage in broad-based environmental initiatives
  • 4.Contribute to the local community

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all officers and employees belonging to the Chuoh Pack Group.

Standards for Corporate Conduct

The Group promotes transparency in management and rapid decision-making to enable us to respond promptly to changes in our surrounding environment, develop our business, and strengthening our competitiveness. In addition, as we believe robust corporate governance to be indispensable in responding promptly and correctly to changes in the business environment, we strive to ensure compliance (legal compliance) and strengthen our internal checking capabilities while endeavoring to bolster internal controls and risk management systems to prevent potential risks from occurring.
Furthermore, sound management of the company dictates that we establish internal company systems to ensure we are resolute in refusing any relationship with anti-social forces that pose a threat to the order and safety of our society.

1. Improvement of work efficiency (realizing profits)

In order to improve the efficiency of our work, the Group endeavors to improve our daily operations and eliminate waste.

2. Flexible thinking and ability to take action

The Group promotes close and thorough mutual communications among employees and the development of human resources with flexible thinking and the ability to take action.

3. Providing products that satisfy our customers

The Group assumes the customer's point of view, providing products based on flexible thinking and ideas.

4. Environmental initiatives

The Group develops and offers products that fully exploit our packaging design technologies, with "caring for the global environment" as a key concept. Furthermore, in our aim to promote an Earth-friendly environment, we offer products and logistics services based on a circulatory model, from production to sales and collection of used paper.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Group's compliance with laws and ordinances is based on respect for the spirit of the laws as a socially sensible corporate citizen.

6. Observance of fair trade principles

The Group respects the fundamental forms of a fair and proper market economy, conducts commercial transactions in conformance with the rules, and maintains sound relationships with the government.

7. Disclosure

The Group will disclose in a timely manner information that the company is obliged to report.

8. Social contribution

The Group recognizes the company's social responsibilities and engages in activities with the aim of contributing to society.

9. Improvement of the workplace environment

In order to ensure the workplace environment is is easy work in, the Group will make efforts to improve the employees' workplace environment.

10. Thorough understanding of standards for corporate conduct

Group employees will thoroughly familiarize themselves with these standards for corporate conduct and work to improve the company's internal systems.

Quality Policies

Unrivaled quality earns us the customer's greatest trust.

  • 1.We will continue to provide safe and satisfying products through an understanding of customer needs and expectations as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
  • 2.We will continuously improve conformance with customer requirements and the effectiveness of our quality management systems.
  • 3.To achieve the aims of these quality policies, we will set and act on quality targets in each division, while periodically revising these targets.
  • 4.We will revise the quality policies as needed so that they always continue to be appropriate.

Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies

Environmental Philosophy

Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. helps to bring about a livable environment and a prosperous society providing environmentally friendly products, with management based on preservation of the Earth's environment.

Environmental Policies

As a member of the local community, Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. aims to continuously reduce our environmental impacts in all of our business activities.

  • 1.We promote activities based on environmental management systems and strive to maintain and improve efforts to preserve the environment. Our efforts especially target the following:
    • Reducing CO2 emission through resource and energy conservation programs
    • ・Efforts to reduce waste products, including improvement of recycling efforts
    • ・Reducing the amount of water used.
  • 2.To promote environmental preservation programs, we will set and periodically review aims, targets, and plans.
  • 3.We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.
  • 4.We will continue to conduct research on designing and developing packaging materials and strive to provide products incorporating environmental considerations.
  • 5.These environmental policies are to be made widely known not only to all individuals involved in the Group's business activities, but to the general public as well.

Scope of Environmental Management System

  • 【Head Office and Head Office Plant】
    363 Miyashige-machi, Haruhi, Kiyosu, Aichi Pref 452-0961
  • 【Nishio Plant】
    1 Konosu, Nishiasai-cho, Nishio, Aichi Pref 445-0004
  • 【Chuoh Kosan Co., Ltd.】
    363 Miyashige-machi, Haruhi, Kiyosu, Aichi Pref 452-0961
  • 【Chuoh Container Co., Ltd. (Engineering Division)】
    363 Miyashige-machi, Haruhi, Kiyosu, Aichi Pref 452-0961

Electronic Disclosure Notices

○ Statutory Notices

Statutory notices from Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. may be viewed through the electronic disclosure service operated by Pronexus Inc.

[ Pronexus Inc. ]

○ Public Announcement of Financial Statements

In accordance with provisions of the Companies Act Article 440 (4) rescinding the obligation to provide financial notices for the companies offered by securities companies, Chuoh Pack Industry Co., Ltd. no longer posts these notices.However, our securities reports can be viewed using the Electronic Disclosure System operated by the Financial Services Agency.

[ EDINET Electronic Disclosure System ]